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Water treatment technology

The presence of a large amount of water in the building, its dynamics and aggressive environment are factors of utmost importance. Aqua Fun Project Group experts will help you find the best solutions and avoid mistakes.

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When creating a project for any water park or SPA centre, a wide range of special knowledge in water technology is required, which includes both the specifics of water treatment and knowledge of water treatment equipment and equipment of pools and other elements of water parks.

We apply the most advanced water treatment technologies that meet the most stringent sanitary standards and international standards. When designing water technology, we rely either on international norms of water treatment technology, or on the norms of EU legislation or other requirements of the customer. All proposed solutions meet international quality standards (DIN) and national standards.

We offer the optimal composition of equipment, including modern filters, economical circulation pumps, water treatment with ultraviolet sterilization, guaranteed to destroy microorganisms and eliminate chloramines (the smell of chlorine).

All applied methods and equipment have been tested by us and can be operated in heavy duty conditions and continuously. Applied technological solutions allow the operation of facilities in a wide variety of temperature and weather conditions - from -40 ºС to +45 ºС.

Water treatment technology includes all the equipment in one way or another related to water: pumping equipment, equipment for heating and recycling water, disinfection equipment, various parts of pools and water attractions (such as, for example, underwater massage units or cascades). In addition, you should take into account the lighting of pools, which our company offers in a modern form based on LED technology.

At the same time, we optimize water treatment technology for a specific object and, allowing you to minimize investment, have a modern and reliable system that will last you a long time.

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