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Aqua Fun Project Group offers slides and slides for water parks from leading manufacturers and own production. The basis of any modern water park is a complex of various water slides.

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This is the central place of entertainment for visitors of any age and temperament. With a well-designed and designed water slide complex, each visitor will find what he likes best - from the spirit of exciting extreme options to absolutely simple and calm.

Materials of which water slides are made:

  • Plastic (fiberglass) — a multilayer reinforced material made on the base of special epoxy resins followed by the application of a top gloss coat (gel coat);




  • Solid plastic — production is more complex and expensive, however, the material can be translucent and of any colour;



  • Stainless steel — its advantages: non-scratch, absence of section seams;






  • Acrylic — a transparent material that allows you to achieve a unique effect even when inserting small sections;






  • LRTM technology (Light Resin Transfer Molding) — a new technology for the production of water slides based on filling resin between the two forms under slight pressure. Forms are precoated with a gelcoat, which gives plastic a smooth and mirror-like surface on both sides.


Our company also produces a limited range of water slides at more attractive prices. Plastic production is carried out on moulds and according to Canadian technologies. Steel supports and mounts for our water slides are made in Latvia. The professional team of installers is also from Latvia. These products are installed in the water parks “Kva-Kva”, “Moreon” (Moscow), “Sudak-water park” (Ukraine).

For each project of the water park, we individually select models of water slides and their manufacturers so as to achieve maximum attractiveness of the facility with an optimal budget.

Types of waterslides:

  • “Family wide slide” is a simple but very popular attraction. No age restrictions. The width of the slide is from 2.4 m to 4 m.
  • "Open slides" - slides in the form of a gutter (toboggan). Many bends and jumps. Absolutely any colour. Designed for riding both: with or without inflatable rafts. The width of the gutter is 1020 mm or 1300 mm. Finish in the splash pool or brake-trough.
  • "Closed slides" - slides in the form of a closed pipe. Diameter from 800 mm to 1300 mm. Designed for riding on inflatable single, double and triple rafts (version 1300mm.) or without any rafts at all.
  • The Super Bowl is a huge funnel where the visitor gets to after the descent. A few loops in a circle and the visitor enters the pool. Designed for riding on inflatable single and double rafts.
  • “Wing Extra” - a modification of the popular attraction “Wing” (SideWinder) with the addition of a classic open waterslide that finishes in the pool. Riding is carried out on inflatable single or double rafts.
  • Dead Loop (AquaLoop) is the most extreme attraction. The start is carried out in a special lockable cabin, where a person is placed. At the expense of "one-two-three", the floor falls through, controlled by a pneumatic mechanism, and a person slides with picking speed through a closed pipe. Due to the large acceleration, rider does a dead loop along the path of the slide and finishes in the brake-trough.
  • "Master Blaster" - this attraction is recognized as the best water attraction in the last decade! Real roller coasters for water parks! Proven patented technology allows visitors to challenge global gravity and fly up to an incredibly high hill, and then quickly move down with turns and turns.
  • “Boomerango Family” (Boomerango) - will give emotions that cannot be experienced on other slides! After several turns at the start of the slide, the visitors are suddenly released from a breathtaking height. After that, under the influence of dynamic loading, the visitor slides along an almost vertical wall and, having slowed down, again falls down. After that, the guests take off up to a 2-meter slide and, feeling zero gravity, fall into the pool with spray.
  • "Rattler" is one of the newest family water attractions in the world. It is based on a WhiteWater patent. The essence of the attraction is that a 3-seater round inflatable raft sliding along a large-diameter closed plastic pipe or a gutter then rolls into a huge "pear", located almost 90 degrees along the road. The raft, flying into the "pear" makes several high oscillatory movements and further continues its path along the outgoing trough. The length and trajectory of the attraction are the most diverse. The number of "pears" can also be different and depends on the height of the launchpad. The finish is carried out in the splash pool. The attraction can be equipped with a system of lighting effects.

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