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Light effects in water slides

Installing additional LED light strips on the translucent lines on the water slides gives a completely new sensation feeling

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Quite often, in the plastic of water slides made by different manufacturers, there are translucent lines that create light circles on the slide tube. These stripes let some light get into the inside of the water slide tube, which is already nice. When mooving inside, the area with colored stripes also creates a kind of additional dynamic effect. However, the effect is possible only when there is a bright light outside the slide (daylight hours)



       We have refined this principle by superimposing on
       translucent strips of slide RGB LED strips with full
       DMX control. So the scale of lighting effects becomes
       practically unlimited - from slow color overflows, up
       to extra-dynamic effects, creating the effect of cosmic
       speed in a tube or, conversely, freezing.

       Installation of equipment may be carried out on old 
       slides with translucent stripes, their just reviving into
       something completely new!




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