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LED dynamic facade

The latest solution in the field of architectural design, decoration of building facades and visual advertising on them is the LED DYNAMIC FACADE light-dynamic facade.

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The Media facade allows you to solve the issue of both the functional design of the building facades and the dynamic decorative lighting, including the display of video on the building facade, including for visual advertising. Thus, the flat and not attractive facades of many big-size buildings can turn into a huge dynamic advertising platform.




The facade is based on RGB LED tubes and LED panels with addressable pixels, which allow you to create both color dynamic illumination of buildings and play videos (for example, for visual advertising) of a large area (up to 40-60 meters or more), at a relatively low cost ( compared to traditional street LED screens).



Areas of use:

  • facades of water parks and spa centers
  • shopping and entertainment centers
  • sports complexes and facilities
  • any large objects, such as warehouses, high-rise buildings

For more than 10 years, such a light-dynamic facade has been successfully operated at the Liepaja Olympic Center (Latvia). Screen size 46 by 9 meters. This screen received high reviews among architects and designers, not only in Latvia, but also in Russia and Europe. A light-dynamic facade was also designed and built in the Planeta shopping center in Velikiye Luki (Russia), where the screen is 60 by 8 meters.

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