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FlowRider is an attraction of artificial surfing (surfing simulator), which, with its relatively compact size, allows you to reproduce a large wave of various shapes perfect for board and body surfing.

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The attraction is delivered jointly with WhiteWater (Canada), the exclusive supplier of these attractions in Europe. In turn, the Aqua Fun Project Group company carries out design work of complexes with these attractions, designing and supplying water technology, as well as installing, installing and launching the attraction itself.

There are several varieties of systems that differ in size, waveform, capacity and power:

  • FlowRider (or Single FlowRider) — the most standard set designed for riding one person at a time.






  • FlowRider Double — this option is larger and, in particular, has a wider riding zone, more powerful pumps and is designed for simultaneous riding of two people.





  • FlowRider Flowbarrel — powerful version of the FlowRider that simulates a high swirling wave, similar to coastal ocean waves.





  • FlowRider WaveOz — the newest and the most exclusive attraction of a panoramic shape in which several people can be using it at the same time. A wave is generated in a circle.





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