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Aqua Dome Waterpark

The Aqua Dome water park is a ready-made project for a small and fully equipped water park, which can be built in almost any desired location and delivered on a turn-key basis, with relatively small investments.

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The Aqua Fun Project Group expert team has specially developed this project for mass application, where the possibilities for developing large and complex projects are limited for various reasons (including those due to the budget). The uniqueness of this project is in its simplicity and wide opportunities that are open to customers.

This is a fully functional complex which, with a minimal budget, combines all the necessary parts of a modern water entertainment centre. It includes: water slides, an entertainment and relaxation pool, baths, a playground, a climbing wall and more. This type of water park is suitable for construction in a relatively small village and is a well-planned business concept that has proved itself.

In addition, it is possible to design your waterpark on the basis of the Aqua Dome project, supplementing (including territorially) with its summer part or adjacent building.

Features of the waterpark:

Aluminium roof construction
Opening roof segments
Building height - 21 m
Building diameter - 45 m
Building spot - 1590 m2
Total area - 3270 m2
Water Mirror - 512 m2
Capacity - 350 people

Waterpark equipment:

Water slide "Tobogan" - 79 m
Water slide "Pipe" - 82 m
"Mountain River" - 46 m
Wave pool
Spa pool
SPA bathtubs - Jacuzzi
Bath complex
Climbing wall
Cafe bar






Other solutions

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Light effects in water slides

Own production: dividing walls for 50 meter pools

Access control systems