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Access control systems

No modern water entertainment complex can operate without the use of an automated cash management and access control system.

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To increase the speed of customer service, convenience and functionality, it is necessary to automate the processes of service and coordination of human flows.

By purchasing an entry ticket at the box office, each visitor will receive an electronic bracelet. This bracelet is  the visitor's  personal ID for the duration of his stay in a complex with the functions of a key to a personal locker, an access key to one or another zone, a non-cash means of payment when purchasing drinks, food or services inside the complex. Individual lockers for storing personal belongings of visitors are equipped with electronic locks.

The lockers themselves, changing cabins are made of high-strength HPL material and aluminum. These are ultra-resistant materials with respect to water, chemicals and mechanical damage, used for heavily loaded and crowded rooms.



For more sophisticated interiors, tempered glass is used in the manufacture of cabinet doors, showers, toilets and turnstiles. With special printing on the glass surface, the furniture takes on a completely unique look.

The EPOS system is flexible and multi-level. It is possible to have a set of types of entrance tickets installed in the system with various combinations of access rights, payment limits, and allotted time spent in accordance with the ticket price.

When leaving the complex, the balance of each bracelet is automatically controlled by turnstiles with built-in collectors. In the case of a zero balance, the bracelet is taken by the device, and the turnstile opens. In the case of a non-zero balance, the turnstile does not open, and the information board informs the visitor about the need to go to the exit cashier and perform settlement operations (surcharge or receipt of change from the deposit made).

The system also allows parallel use of different calculation scenarios: credit, debit or credit-debit.


Personnel use the functions of an access control system in a similar way. The identification medium is an official plastic card with prescribed access rights, similar to a visitor’s electronic bracelet.

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