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"Aqua Fun Project Group” offers a full range of services and work in the design and construction of water parks, water entertainment, recreation and sports facilities.

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Aqua Dome Waterpark

The Aqua Dome water park is a ready-made project for a small and fully equipped water park, which can be built in almost any desired location and delivered on a turn-key basis, with relatively small investments.

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FlowRider is an attraction of artificial surfing (surfing simulator), which, with its relatively compact size, allows you to reproduce a large wave of various shapes perfect for board and body surfing.

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Aqua Fun Project Group offers slides and slides for water parks from leading manufacturers and own production. The basis of any modern water park is a complex of various water slides.

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Light effects in water slides

Installing additional LED light strips on the translucent lines on the water slides gives a completely new sensation feeling

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Wet Bubble

The water attraction "Wet Ball" is an elastic shell in the form of a large bubble (hemisphere) supported by compressed air.

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Water treatment technology

The presence of a large amount of water in the building, its dynamics and aggressive environment are factors of utmost importance. Aqua Fun Project Group experts will help you find the best solutions and avoid mistakes.

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Sport Timing systems

The timing system is designed to capture the temporal indicators of the passage of the distance by swimmers and is used during training and competitions in swimming pools.

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Own production: dividing walls for 50 meter pools

The dividing wall allows you to divide a 50-meter pool into two swimming zones of 25 meters, which expands the functionality of the pool.

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Own production: tanning area Alpine Sun

The Alpine Sun Tanning Area is our exclusive product that can be equipped at the water park or spa.

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Own production: LED lighting for pools and rides

Together with SIA SELEKTA, we offer unique heavy-duty LED lamps designed for illumination of pools and attractions.

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Access control systems

No modern water entertainment complex can operate without the use of an automated cash management and access control system.

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LED dynamic facade

The latest solution in the field of architectural design, decoration of building facades and visual advertising on them is the LED DYNAMIC FACADE light-dynamic facade.

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