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Design and construction of spa and wellness complexes

Aqua Fun Project Group offers a full range of services for the design and construction of spa complexes of any configuration.

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Hot Tubs (Jacuzzi)

Aqua Fun Project Group offers hydro massage bathtubs of various configurations and for any interior.

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Finnish bath (sauna)

Aqua Fun Project Group provides a full range of services for the construction and design of saunas: from concept development and selection of materials, to technical implementation and subsequent maintenance.

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Roman bath

Roman steam baths are one of the oldest and most popular types of baths. The first Roman baths were built in the 3rd century BC.

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Russian sauna

The Russian sauna has high humidity (40–70%) and the optimum temperature is 60–90° С.

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Aromatic sauna

Today, aromatic saunas are a huge success in health centres, beauty salons and fitness clubs.

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Turkish bath (hamam)

Hamam is not just a bath, but a whole philosophy. A true Turkish bath is a corner of pleasure, comfort and serenity.

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Cold font

An integral part of the ritual of visiting sauna and spa is a cold font, which will give a charge of vivacity and a variety of sensations.

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Snow room

Behind the visual simplicity of the snow room hides truly complex engineering systems for preparing water and air, ventilating the room, generating snow and cooling.

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Salt room

This is a room in which salt ions are released from a special apparatus, by inhalation of which the mucous membrane of the respiratory tract is cleaned, moistened and calmed, the nervous system is stabilised and metabolism improves.

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Contrast foot pools - Kneipp path

Alternating exposure to heat and cold is a great gymnastics for blood vessels and a great way to get rid of heaviness in the legs.

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Spa pool

Aqua Fun Project Group not only has unrivaled experience and capabilities, but also offers many innovative solutions and developments, some of which have no analogues in the spa industry.

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Caribbean Storm Shower

The SPA attraction of the “Caribbean Storm” experience shower gives you the opportunity to experience different rain conditions in different climatic zones.

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Sunbathing Area “Alpine Sun”

The Alpine Sun Tanning Area is an exclusive product of the Aqua Fun Project Group, which can be equipped in a water park or spa.

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Air massage and hydromassage beds

Like swimming in a thermal spring, a pleasant sensation is caused by the contact of the skin with bubbles of warm air.

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Massage attraction Horseshoe

Massage attraction "Horseshoe" will give you an unforgettable experience!

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LED lighting

Almost all technological solutions of SPA complexes are equipped with modern and eye-catching LED dynamic lighting.

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