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Waterpark in Saratov

In the autumn of 2011, Aqua Fun Project Group and WhiteWater began designing an open waterpark in the city of Saratov in Russia.

Total area:
63 000 m2
Water attractions:
39 000 m2
Water mirrors:
4 000 m2

This is a modern and full-blown open water amusement park. The facility is located on the banks of the Volgograd reservoir. The customer and developer of this project is Empire Dreams LLC. At the moment, the “Project” stage is completed and the developed documentation has already passed state expertise.

Waterpark project

The implementation of the entire project was divided into two stages: the first and main part of the waterpark with opened in spring 2014; the second part of the waterpark was realized later. The 18 m wide wave pool (in terms of wave generation) and with a beach line of about 45 m is designed to accommodate a large number of visitors. Water slide complex No. 1 consists of 4 Whizzard slides and an AquaLoop slide. The launch heights are 13 and 16 m, respectively. Four-row slide “Whizzard” is designed for riding on special mats, head first.

The AquaLoop slide (Dead Loop) is one of WhiteWater’s latest extreme adventure rides. The essence of the attraction is that the visitor is located in a special capsule (“Rocket”) on the launch platform. Next, the floor “falls through” thanks to a special mechanism. The visitor "falls" down the water slide tube with great acceleration. Due to the gained high speed, a person does a “dead loop” along the path of the hill and flies to the finish brake trough. This is a spectacular attraction. Speed ​​reaches 60 km / h, overload - 2.5 g.

Water slide complex No. 2 includes slides of various types: steep speed slides “Speed ​​Slide”, which provide an adrenaline rush and are truly breathtaking, “Tunnel Slides” are designed for riding on single, double or inflatable rafts or without any at all. The launch heights are 12 and 16 m.

Water slides complex No. 3 is comprises out of 2 slides of the GiantAquaTube type, designed for riding on single or double inflatable rafts. The width of the slides is 1.4 and 2.1 m.

Water slide complex No. 4 consists out of 3 slides designed for riding on single or double inflatable rafts: a closed “tunnel slide”, a SuperBowl slide and a Boomerango slide.

Large territory is occupied by a "lazy river" with lagoons, whirlpools, waterfalls, small beaches and places for a relaxing holiday.

In the centre of the children's town with a 30 cm deep swimming pool and with many attractions, there is an installed interactive AquaPlay ™ game design themed as a pirate ship. It is equipped with various interactive elements such as tipping barrels, slides, climbing nets and sprinklers.

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