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Deniz Mall (Caspian Waterfront Mall) is another architectural highlight of the modern look of Baku (Azerbaijan). The shopping and entertainment mall was designed by the famous English company Chapman Taylor and visually resembles a lotus flower.

Total area:
120 000 m2
Total height:
70 m
Opened in

The shopping and entertainment mall was designed by the famous English company Chapman Taylor and visually resembles a lotus flower with a total area of more than 120000 sq. meters and height of 70 meters including 2 levels of underground parking.

Throughout seven floors there are shops, cafes and restaurants, a Karting Centre, a cinema, a Kinder Land children's entertainment centre, children's amusement park, a bowling alley and much more.

Multifunctional SHOW Complex in DENIZ MALL

In the central atrium of the Mall, our company designed, manufactured and installed a unique, exclusive and multifunctional Show complex based on an acrylic pool.

The show complex covers almost the entire 50-meter high atrium and is well visible for visitors from all levels of the Mall.

Multifunctional complex includes:


acrylic pool with underwater lighting


platform stage rising from the bottom of the pool


multifunctional structure of the perimeter and central fountains


two round water graphics curtains with high-resolution screens


ramified multilevel stage light system


autonomous centralised sound system

A ROUND ACRYLIC POOL with a diameter of 12m and a depth of 6m is located at the lower level. The bottom of this pool is made of concrete and tiled with mosaics. Sidewalls are made up from 5 large 145mm thick acrylic curved panels. The structural frame for acrylic panels is made of steel profiles with a modern anti-corrosion coating. The upper rim of the pool with a water overflow channel, stairs and decorative details are all made of stainless steel.

In the centre of the pool, an original steel PLATFORM is installed, which has the ability to float to the surface of the water, transforming into a stage for entertaining performances or a fountain show. The diameter of the platform is 4m, load capacity is 4-5 people.

WATER TREATMENT SYSTEM equipment is located directly under the pool bowl. The use of special technical solutions in the project made it possible to achieve the highest degree of water purification (up to 5 microns), which gives crystal transparency and allows you to see through 12m thickness of the pool water. A heat pump and a specialized non-chlorine water disinfection system are used. Full automation.

FOUNTAINS - a system of perimeter fountains is installed inside the upper rim of the pool. Directly in the elevating platform-stage is a separate multifunctional structure of vertical and “swing” fountains with submersible pumps. The combination of the functioning of all fountain groups allows you to create the most diverse and fascinating water-fountain stories.

The main spectacular elements of the Show-complex are two round CURTAINS of water graphics with high-resolution screens. Both circles are fixed on steel cables. The first curtain is located at + 10m and has a radius of 8m. The second is fixed at + 27m and has a radius of 4.5m. High-speed water nozzles with integrated electronic control allow you to "draw" any geometric shapes, ornaments and letters using trickles of falling water which is vertically illuminated by powerful built-in LED spotlights. The dynamic water picture created in this way is capable of captivating any viewer.

On the outside of both curtains, LED SCREENS of high resolution (P1.6 mm) are installed, allowing to display static and video content. Dynamic images prepared in a special way and synchronized with the general script of the show on the screens always successfully create the necessary accents. Screens can also be used for advertising purposes, any announcements and background plots during Mall's work.

LIGHTING EQUIPMENT is dispersed across all 6 levels and includes various powerful "Moving head" projectors, RGB lasers, LED video projectors that all allow displaying images on the water Curtains etc.

The digital SOUND SYSTEM dispersed throughout the zone has a total power of more than 1000 watts.

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